My diet beforehand was all wrong. He helped show me what is good and what isn’t good for a diet. It worked! I trained with Mike for an hour 2x a week for these 8 weeks. We did a lot of cardio and weight training. The days I was not training with him I did all cardio by myself. He made me feel muscles I never even knew I had after each workout. As each week went on, I felt more better about myself. It was a real boost changer for me. After about 2 weeks, I saw changes in my body that I didn’t think could possibly be happening so fast. I wanted this change and did everything to the best of my capability, and Mike was always there to push me even harder and he never felt bad about it!! By the end of my 8 weeks I really felt like a whole new person! He helped change my life for the most important event of my life! I lost about 11inches throughout my whole body and everyone around me saw the dramatic change in such a short period of time. He was the real deal. I can never imagine working out with anyone else!! If you follow everything he tells you to do and make this diet more of your lifestyle, you can achieve whatever goal you want to reach!

Before and after my 8 week bridal boot camp transformation.