Carolyn Burke -

I Cant thank Michael Gilotti enough!!!!! He has Truly changed my life inside and out!!!! I FEEL AMAZING!!! His...

Nicholas J. Russo -

As someone pursuing a career in the medical field I find it to be of huge importance to serve as a role model for my future patients. I chose the E.D.G.E. program because of its core fundamental principles and ability to produce top notch results. Mike has deepened my knowledge of exercise physiology and provided me with an excellent background in nutrition that I will be able to pass on to my future patients.

Frank Dogali-

I've recently had a nutrition plan and also had training sessions with Mike and to be totally honest it has changed my whole approach to fitness. Training is a big part of my life but even though it is so important to me, I came to a point where I realized I was doing something wrong. Training with Mike taught me a ton of useful information.

Amanda LaPointe -

I started training with Mike about 8 weeks before my wedding. I had been on a diet for the whole year before but I needed a real boost to help me get out of my standstill point. Mike put me on a very strict diet from day1. I had a very clean and healthy meal plan, with no cheat meals for these next 8 weeks. About a week in with the diet, I automatically felt better and had more energy.