Mike Giliotti Fitness begins with one specific goal for all Client Related Services.IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. With that said, I will help you reach your goals by building the body inside out. The Foundation for Your Customized Training Program is the Core. With a solid and functional core, improving your quality of life and achieving your goals are a step away.

Private or Group Sessions available for all services
Currently travel to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island

Services include:


Strength and Conditioning

  • Improve Musculature
  • Increase Power
  • Build a Functional Lean Physique

Weight Loss and Toning

  • Increase lean muscle while decreasing body fat
  • Burn more calories while training in an optimal HR zone
  • A new and improved you

Cross Fit Training

  • Diverse Workouts for Muscle Confusion
  • Specific Techniques to prevent injury
  • Increase Endurance through Interval Training
  • Use of Power Ropes, Bands, Kettlebells, TRX, Tire etc

Corrective Exercise

  • Improve Muscle Tissue and Joint Mobility
  • Rehabilitate Injuries

Youth Training

  • Develop coordination
  • Enhance Speed, quickness and agility
  • Help prevent childhood obesity

Nutritional Counseling and Wellness


  • A balanced realistic approach to eating better and healthier.
  • Learning the 3 aspects of Dieting. What, When and the Quantity.
  • Facts and Myths to help you reach your goals faster.

Full body Assessments and Progress Reports


  • Physical and Objective Records to track results.
  • Understand that results and goals come in many forms.