Are you a Weekend Warrior?

Written by MIke

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With so much going on during the week, the weekends have become a time for us to get “everything else done”- errands, organizing, and finally getting in that workout that evaded us all week. Although you might feel pressured to work past your limits to make up for lost time, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist Mike Giliotti tells us why this is not a good idea. “Mentally, you may be prepared to push yourself if you have been waiting all week for your Saturday morning workout, but in reality you body has been in rest all week,” he says. “Weekend workouts are great- especially if it is the only time you are able to get in a full routine, but you need to make sure your body is prepared by following a few simple rules.”

Hydration is Key
Drinking water throughout the week is the best way to prepare yourself for a full-body weekend workout. Your body is composed of 95% water, and staying hydrated is the best way to keep your muscles from tightening up and losing the results from the weekend before. “Not only does drinking water throughout the week increase your results, but it will also keep you from experiencing daytime fatigue,” Mike explains. “Mild dehydration is one huge factor of the afternoon slump so many of us experience during the work day. When the weekend hits, you want to be able to feel refreshed and ready to push yourself.”

Clean Eating
If you are saving time in your evenings by skipping the weekday workouts, you should have the time to cook a healthy meal for yourself. Instead of ordering in, swing by the grocery store at the beginning of the week and stock up on lean, protein-rich foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. “Protein should be an important aspect of your weekly diet if you plan on working hard over the weekend. On Mondays, your muscles will need a fair amount of protein to recover from the intensity over the weekend, but Tuesday through Thursday you won’t need as much. For instance, if you have a roast chicken you can separate it out amongst a few different meals in the middle of the week, supplemented with a vegetable and a small amount of carbs. On Friday, it becomes important to prime your muscles for another workout, so again you eat a bit more protein than usual, adding in a larger amount of clean carbs in preparation for the next day.”

Before your first workout of the weekend, the warm-up is extremely important. Although many workout regimens require a simple 5 minute warm-up, this is not enough if your body has been sedentary all week. “You need to get your heart beating for a good 10-15 minutes before you really start to push yourself,” says Mike. “You can do high-knees, jumping jacks, or a light jog to get that cardio work-out, and then move on to a deep stretch.” Your muscles will tighten over the week, so a good stretch is imperative to avoid any tearing.

Full-Body Routines
Keeping your workouts well-rounded is the key to seeing results. “When you workout during the week, it can be easier to see the results right away because you will concentrate on one or two parts of the body per day,” says Mike. “When you are only working out on the weekends you will want to stick to a 60 minute full-body regimen on each of the two days to avoid excessive strain on certain muscles and say away from over-exhaustion.” A good combination of butt and leg exercises like deadlifts, squats and lunges on one day and then the next day you can focus on your upper body, with shoulder presses, bicep curls, triceps extensions and abs.