White Rice vs. Brown Rice

Written by Mike

Well I am probably opening Pandora's Box with this one.....

But I think the only people that will try to debate me are the uneducated, under qualified wanna be nutritionists who think they know what NUTRITION is but in reality they have no idea. 

Before I get into the facts, I always suggest to people to ask the right question when taking advice from people when it comes to nutrition.  On average 7 out of 10 people have no background in Nutrition or Health and yet are giving recommendations to people on "right" from "wrong."  Most consider themselves health coaches but they are "Robots."  They will tell you not to eat this or that but oddly they don't know why.  Commonly their answer is because it is not good for you.  They just repeat what they heard from someone else or what they read in a magazine.

Here is where we separate the pack:

Take it a step further and ask the right question... WHY IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU?

I guarantee when you ask this simple question, you will get "ummmm because" or  "it just is"

I like to present my clients with facts about Nutrition. Not just Demands of what they have to do.  The reason for this is because of variables.  Everyone has different body types, lifestyles and goals.  What is good for one person may not be good for someone else.  Helping the individual is what I am about.  As a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, I help the individual with their specific goal.


Now onto the Question of the Day:  Brown Rice versus White Rice


White Rice is not bad for you.  It can be argued that white rice is just as good for you as brown rice.  Brown rice is brown because of the bran in it.  Yes this means added fiber but did you know society on average consumes well over the recommended daily intake of fiber which leads to bloating and digestive issues.  Where you should really look when choosing a rice is the grain length. Short vs. Long.  This plays a role in the way the carbohydrate is broken down because of the processing factor. Choose long grain.

White rice and Brown rice in a comparison  of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat are almost identical.  So more importantly, it comes down to serving size and the rest of your diet to see what the real problem is.  Making a simple switch of white to brown is not going to make a significant difference in your overall goal.  You have to weigh in all factors before you give someone concrete advice on what to do.

Please know, I am not saying eat only white rice and brown is bad.  I just simply putting in perspective that white rice is not the enemy and can be used in a nutrition plan so long as it is well balanced with the vitamins and macros that you need to reach your goal.


Hope this helps