Can Resistance Training Make You Bulky?

I get asked this question alot, but mainly by female clientele. Actually, they dont even ask.... They basically say, I dont want to look like a guy lol. Well dont worry ladies, you dont have a significant amount of testerone in your body which is one of the main things that help produce muscles and or a bulky look. Now there are other factors that can contribute to a bulky look. One example would be Calorie Intake. Its simple Math... If your taking in more calories than you are actually expending there is a chance you will store those calories as fat and by doing so gain weight and appear bulky. Another example would be Heavy Training with Free Weights. Im not saying that this alone builds bulk, but what it does do is build muscle. And depending on your body type this could appear to be bulk weight that you're not looking for.
So with that said, I absolutely encourage all clients to resistant train without the fear of bulking. You will ultimately gain muscle which in turn will help burn Bodyfat. Remember to Maintain moderate weight with high reps and a pretty fast tempo to keep heart rate up and increase calorie expenditure. Keep a track on your calories as well and you will able to receive all the benefits of Resistance training without Bulk.
Good Luck

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Workout of the Month-Chest

Looking to Build Strength and Size?

Here is another exclusive EDGE Workout for Foundation, Strength and Size.


 1.FlatDB Press-6 sets

 2.InclineBB Press-6 sets

 3.DeclineDB Press Pronated-3 sets

 4.FlatDB Flyes-3 sets

 5.DB Pullover- 1 set


➡️Extensive warmup please.Safety first

➡️First 2 Movements must be Heavy. But not to the point where u need a spot. U control the weight. Don't let it control u.

➡️Final 3 movements should be moderate weight and isolate the contraction on every rep.

➡️If ur getting spots on every set, don't waste ur time. This is a chest workout for u, not ur spotters bicep workout

➡️ Enjoy and Feedback Appreciated

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Dance Your Way through Fitness

Dance Your Way Through Fitness

New York Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist Mike Giliotti Weighs in on the Health Benefits of Dancing




Using dance as exercise has certainly increased in popularity in recent years.

 Shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have top ratings, and dance-inspired classes seem to be offered in every gym. You don’t have to think hard to figure out why the phenomenon has grown - one look at the transformations of the celebrities’ bodies on Dancing With the Stars will have you signing up in no time.   


“Any form of dancing is good for your heart, improves balance and joint stability,” says Mike Giliotti, New York based certified personal trainer & fitness nutrition specialist.  “Salsa, hip-hop, ballroom dancing - just about any dance style can rev your heart rate, burn calories and tone muscles.” 


According to Mike, dance is a great way to change up your workout because you are able to work numerous muscle groups at once.   When you keep exercise dynamic your muscles benefit the most.  Below, Mike fills us in on how beneficial different kinds of dance can be for your body.


Ballet: This classic style of dance does wonders for increasing your strength. But, unlike many forms of strength training, ballet will not bulk up your muscles. Ballet dancers are known for having lean, elongated muscles, which gives the body a long, elegant look.  Sticking to a ballet routine will also give you more flexibility in your everyday life.


Cha-Cha: The side-to-side motions that are a part of this dance can directly help strengthen your bones.  The sashaying movement has been shown to strengthen the tibia, the fibula and the femur.  Picking up the Cha-Cha later in life can be extremely beneficial for women, as the strengthening aspects can ultimately help prevent osteoporosis.


Salsa: Salsa dancing is a great way to get in a good workout with a partner. Not only does it spice up date night, but it’s also a more interesting form of cardio than the usual run outside.  Even further, alternating your nightly run with some salsa dancing will work muscles that don’t usually get enough attention. The backward steps required in salsa dancing will help sculpt your glutes. What’s not to like about that?!


Rumba: Dancing the Rumba involves a lot of hip movements, which done incorrectly can be hard on your back. Instead, engage your abdominal muscles to not only strengthen your core, but ease your back and correct your posture as well.


Hip-Hop: One of the more popular forms of dance, Hip-Hop is extremely energetic and a great way to get your blood pumping.  The quick, forceful moves combined with the fact that you are moving nonstop create the ultimate cardio workout that will lead to fat-loss and increased endurance.  In one hour of Hip-Hop dancing you will work virtually every muscle in your body, leaving you feeling exhausted but much stronger than when you started.


Which is Better to do First??? Cardio or Resistance Training

This is a very popular question and debate in my club and the fitness industry..... 


I think the more important question to ask yourself  before making a decision is " What are my Personal Goals? 

Here's Why...

If your looking to build muscle and develop strength, the last thing you want to be doing is eating up your glycogen (fuel) storage prior to resistance training.  You want to be 100% so you can perform your resistance exercises to its optimal potential. Lifting heavy weights requires alot of energy, so doing cardio first will obviously tap into your storage, hence effecting your workout.

If your looking for General fitness or Weight Loss, I would definitely say its your choice.  Whatever one you find to be more difficult, I will suggest doing first. The reason I say this is because you are likely to skip or "half azz" the second part of your workout if you dont enjoy it.  Obviously this will become habit and eventually lead to ineffective workouts and lack of results.

I hope this helps you in the debate of whats best to do first.  At the end of the day, that is whats great about fitness. There are so many variables involved, that One Way is Never the Only Way.

Find whats best for you and give me some Feedback

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Self MyoFascial Release

Hey Everyone...


So Basically its no longer a secret but SMR(Foam Rolling) honestly saved my body! Personally, I suffer from very overactive and tight muscles. Its a combination of alot of things but mainly because when i was younger i didnt stretch enough.  Luckily, I was never severely affected by it in terms of an injury but it does lead to compensations that hinder my exercise program.

If your lenght tension relationship between your muscle and joints are not correct, you are not able to recruit optimal force from that muscle. So with that said, Incorpoarating SMR into your routine has helped My body and hopefully Your body after reading this function in a more ideal anatomical position.

What is SMR???

As one of three stretching techniques, SMR focuses on the neural and fascia system in the body. By applying Pressure to a tender area "knot" for a period of time the muscle fibers that are altered and in a bundled position, are then straightened into an alignment which allows greater blood flow and lenghtening of the muscle.

How to do it???

You roll the muscle over the foam roller using your bodyweight as the applied pressure. When you reach the most tender section of the muscle, hold that postion ideally for 30 sec. Try your best not to tense up while doing to get an optimal release of the "knot" When complete, if you feel like rolling out the muscle you can do so but not completely necessary.

Ideally, without getting too technical, SMR will help restore the body back to optimal level of function. You will DEFINITELY notice a difference in your workouts and flexibility.

I highly recommend this to everyone in all levels of fitness.

Try it out and let me know :)

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How to Keep your Summer Body all Year Long

(HealthNewsDigest.com) - New York, NY (September 23, 2013) - With the kids back in school and fall officially beginning this Sunday, we all need to adjust our workout in order to stay on track with our fitness and avoid weight gain.

  According to a recent survey, Americans typically exercise more in the spring and summer and less in the fall and winter.

"There are many things in the summer that are natural motivators to get into shape like exercising outdoors in warmer temperature or wanting to look your best in a swimsuit - but when the temperature drops, it's so easy to fall back into bad habits," says Mike Giliotti, New York based certified personal trainer & fitness nutrition specialist.  "You eat a little more, exercise a little less, and before you know it, the weight adds on.  By the time you notice those extra pounds it's the holiday season, so you decide to wait until after the New Year to try to lose weight."

Although seasonal weight gain varies from person to person, there have been studies that show an average of five to seven pounds in weight gain during the fall and winter seasons.   Below, Mike shows you how to tweak your workout routine to help you keep your summer figure all year long.

Clothing. Outdoor exercise is no fun when your fingers and toes are cold.  As temperatures start cooing down, outdoor fitness enthusiasts need to add more layers to prevent catching a cold.  "Learning how to layer properly with the right kinds of clothes (breathable yet insulating) will allow you to concentrate more on your workout and less on the temperature around you," says Mike

"If you prefer working out indoors like at a gym, you should either take a shower after your workout or put on a sweatshirt as you leave the gym to help your bodies adjust to the cooler outdoor temperatures."


Try Something New. Always wanted to try ballet orrun a marathon? Fall is a great time to learn something new.   "Ballet workouts are very popular now," says Mike.  "It combines elements of yoga, Pilates, and weight training to lengthen and tone muscles.  It's a fun and effective way to bring your workout indoors."

Not into the whole Black Swan thing?  Marathon season also officially gets underway during the fall.  "Whether you're a novice or a veteran runner, training for a marathon is a great way to get into shape," says Mike. "But runners should supplement their running with other activities - like cross training and weight lifting.  Not only will these things make you in better all-around shape, but they will also make you a stronger runner."

Location. Busy fall schedules leave less time for driving to the gym or yoga class. Switching to home workout programs eliminates traffic stress while saving money on gas and gym fees.

Nutrition. In the summer, it's easier to fill your diet with salads and fresh vegetables and fruits, but once the fall rolls around, a lot of those healthy summertime habits go by the wayside.  According to Michael, there are fewer foods that are in season in fall and winter than in summer.  But there's certainly no lack of healthy options for the fitness-conscious person.  "Dark leafy greens, such as kale, chard and collards, thrive in the fall and winter when the rest of the produce section looks bleak. These greens are particularly rich in vitamins A, C and K."  Another healthy fall food? Brussels sprouts - they contain nearly 50% more vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and potential cold-fighter, than oranges. Brussels sprouts also contain nitrogen compounds called "indoles" that have been linked to anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory actions.


Eat This and Lose Belly Fat!

Tired of belly bulge?


My First Blog

Whats up Everyone...


I have officially launched my blog as of today Sept 9, 2012. The goal of the blog is to provide information about new and upcoming plans for ATRainingEdge and all the current fitness trends in the industry. Some posts will be educational, some will be informative and some will simply be my personal opinion on different topics in the fitness industry. 

With that said, I am pround to announce that I am currently in the process of building and designing my first E-BOOK.  The E-BOOK will have a General Health Section, a Nutrition Section,a Fitness Tips/Common Mistakes Section and a Workout Section consisting of over 50 workouts.

Fitness is my life and in doing so, I look forward to sharing all my knowlege and experience with you to help you reach your goals.